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Fermenter 30L including Screw Lid AMPI


30 Litre Plastic Fermenter (7.9 gallons) Safer than glass carboys, easier to keep clean than plastic carboys, and easier to transfer!

These fermenters are Australian made in Melbourne and are blown out of HDPE and are extremely durable. A large, solid plastic fermenting barrel with screw top lid, airlock & tap holes, and graduation markers down the side.

Heavy-duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer.
Large lid opening makes it easy to clean by hand.
All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.
Approximate Dimensions: 33 cm (13 inch) Diameter x 53 cm (21 inches High) (w/out airlock in place).

NOTE: The maximum temperature that these plastic fermenters can handle is 60 degrees celsius